Cookie policy

This Policy is intended to provide you with clear and transparent information about our use of cookies when you visit our website. Below you will find information about cookies and their management.

Why cookies?

Our website uses cookies. These are small text files that are installed on your browser so that information relating to your browsing is recorded.

Behind the general notion of “cookie” are different types of cookies which, depending on their nature, do not have the same purpose: to improve navigation between pages, to memorise your preferences and generally to improve the user experience.

The duration of the presence of cookies varies. Some cookies are “session” when they remain on your computer only when you open your browser. Others are “permanent” when they are retained after you close your browser and are limited to technical cookies.

Which cookies do we use?

We identify four categories of cookies classified according to the function they perform:

Strictly necessary cookies or technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website, and allow you to use the main features of the website. These cookies do not require your consent.

Provider : ARIADNEXT
Cookie name : ELEMENTOR
Aim : The cookie allows the site owner to modify the content of the website in real time.
Duration : Permanent

Provider : PLEZI
Cookie name : VISITOR
Aim : The cookie keeps track of user settings across page requests.
Duration : Permanent

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used to improve your experience on our website. These cookies may identify information about how the website is displayed, such as the language in which it is displayed. These cookies require your consent.

Provider : LINKEDIN
Cookie name :
Aim : The cookie recalls the language version of a site selected by the user.
Duration : Session

Provider : LINKEDIN
Cookie name : Bscookie, bcookie, Lang, Lidc
Aim : The cookie allows you to follow ARIADNEXT on the Linkedin network via a button provided on the site and  allows you not to reiterate your preferences, features about LinkedIn each time you visit the social network.
Duration :  Session

Statistical / analytical cookies

Statistical cookies allow us to analyse the various interactions you make on the website by communicating information in an anonymous way. They concern the number of visits, the duration of these visits, the number of pages and articles consulted, etc. They allow us to improve the ergonomics of the site in order to optimise the user experience. These cookies require your consent.

Cookie name : _ga, _gat, _gid
Aim :  The cookie allows a user to be recognised on future visits.
Duration :  2 years and one day

Provider : ARIADNEXT
Cookie name : Visit
Aim :  The cookie allows a user to be recognised on future visits.
Duration : 1 day

Provider : LINKEDIN
Cookie name : AnalyticsSyncHistory
Aim : The cookie is used as part of the framework for synchronising data with a third-party analysis service.
Duration :  29 days

Marketing cookies

Provider : PLEZI 
Aim :  The cookie allows you to automate marketing actions, manage the publication of content and publish formsits.

Cookie name : Ads, ga-audiences
Aim : The cookie makes it possible to carry out more precise advertising in relation to the visits and actions carried out on the site.
Duration : Session

Provider : LINKEDIN
Cookie name :  UserMatchHistory
Aim :  The cookie is used to track your browsing across multiple sites to provide you with relevant advertising based on your preferences.
Duration :  29 days

How to manage cookies?

Firstly, you can set your cookie preferences from our cookie banner when you visit our website. You can change your choice at any time via this banner:


You can also set the deposit of cookies through your Internet browser according to the policies established by each browser:

Cookies and personal data?

When we use the cookies presented above, ARIADNEXT may be required to process personal data concerning you. The processing of this data is conditional upon your consent, obtained in particular from the cookie banner, and is limited to what is strictly necessary and for the sole purpose explained above.

For further information, please consult the privacy policy for the exercise of your rights and their modalities.