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Electronic signatures made easy

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Electronic signatures, make the difference with an up-to-date solution and boost your business !

You think that paper signatures are a waste of time? That there must be a better way than printing out a PDF document for signing, scanning it and sending it by email? We agree with you!

Asking your customers to print out and sign a PDF document by hand and then send you a scan or post the original is old-fashioned and results in lost conversions. Using our electronic signature software, you can energize your image and join the age of the latest digital tools. As trust service provider, ARIADNEXT offers Check’, which can simplify and accelerate your contracting process with third-party signatories.


Technical solutions tailored to your needs

The Check' electronic signature software offers a simple solution in line with regulatory requirements. These identification trust services ensure increased efficiency in your sales processes and your administrative management. They allow you to add an electronic signature to any document in PDF format, giving it legally binding value with an electronic seal.


A qualified electronic signature that complies with the requirements in force for legally signing documents and files online (contracts, evidence, invoices etc.) saves time on your signing processes for all your contractual documents.

Our signature solution allows you to read and sign documents on behalf of your company as a legal entity, collect signatures from customers or users and delegate identity checking in order to generate a digital signature certificate.



electronically on behalf of your business

Collect signatures

from your customers and users, online or remotely

Delegate identity checking

to generate signature certificates


Electronic signatures to secure and manage your online transactions

Ariadnext Securisation De Documents Rvb Rouge Security

Boost the security of your processes by using electronic signatures: give your documents integrity and combat document fraud effectively. An electronically signed document cannot be altered after being signed, unlike a paper document. Our solutions enable you to verify the identity of your signatories in real time, sealing and guaranteeing the protection of your documents and the data they contain.

Ariadnext Conformite Europeenne Rvb Rouge Compliance

As an Electronic Certification Service Provider (ECSP) in the terms of France’s RGS security regulations and the eIDAS regulation, ARIADNEXT has its own public key infrastructure (PKI) for producing certificates and signatures. With Check’, we offer an advanced electronic signature based on an identity verified using proof of identity. This approach is based on the complete automation of the certificate request registration process and hosting signature key pairs in centralised encrypted hardware security modules (HSM) in accordance with electronic signature law and the new standards of the European Union’s eIDAS regulation, a process that is 100% legal in France and the rest of Europe.

Ariadnext Experience Client Rvb Rouge Productivity

The Check’ electronic signature solution enables you to increase the productivity of your business considerably through a 100% digital automated process. Keep track of your signed documents online thanks to the sealed envelopes generated by our solution. Save on the costs of paper signatures – printing and the internal resources needed to obtain signatures. The use of online signatures also means offering customers a much smoother process.

Check’ the e-signature trusted by the major players for their digital communications

Whatever your use case – remote contracting, online subscriptions, signing business contracts, approving an agreement, proof of a purchase or commitment – with Check’, electronic signatures have never been so simple, quick and compliant.









Checknsign Rvb

Check', the electronic signature solution faster, simpler and so much safer than paper signatures