Electronic signature solution

You want to simplify your administrative procedures and carry them out instantly? Check’ is the electronic signature solution for you!

Why use an electronic signature solution?

Do you think that signing on paper is a waste of time? That printing a document to sign it and then scanning it is not an optimal solution? The electronic signature is for you!

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the digital signature is an unavoidable development that will enable you to make substantial savings, speed up transactions, respect the environment and offer new dematerialised services that are easily accessible to your customers.

Certified, secure and fast, our Check’ electronic signature solution is as easy to integrate as it is to use. It optimises the company’s internal processes while helping to improve the productivity and efficiency of employees.

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Safety and compliance

Strengthen the legal value of your documents with an eIDAS compliant electronic signature.

Expérience Utilisateur

User experience

Improve your customer experience by providing a smooth, intuitive and fast e-signature process.

Productivité Et Gestion Des Coûts

Cost reduction

Eliminate paper use and mailing costs while optimising your internal processes.

Signature électronique

Ecological impact

Reduce your paper consumption by dematerialising your signature processes.

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1. Set up the signature

Integrate the electronic signature solution directly into your website or applications using our API, all in a completely secure manner. Once the signature has been implemented in your processes, all you have to do is :

  • Upload the document(s) to be signed,

  • Define the signatory or signatories

  • Send the documents.

2. Verification of the identity of the signatories

The signatory is notified in real time that a document is waiting to be signed. Once connected, our complementary solution allows you to reach an advanced level of verification by checking the identity of your signatory. 

The signatory is then asked to send an identity document whose authenticity will be verified, thus guaranteeing that the user is who they claim to be behind their screen. 

Thanks to our technology and AI expertise, this identity verification takes only 12 seconds. Once the process is complete, the user can then complete the signature in a few clicks.

Id Valid
Sms Otp2

3. Strengthen security

The evidence file can be supported by SMS OTP (One Time Password) authentication or by adding additional evidence collected in your pathways. 

This evidence then reinforces the security and legal value of the electronic signature by adding to the evidence file.

4. Performing the signature and retrieving the documents

Once the documents have been signed, you can retrieve all the information in a completely secure manner, as well as a proof file. 

The electronic seal on this evidence file guarantees the integrity of the signed documents and the evidence collected.

Signature Done
Checknsign By Ariadnext Blanc

Offer your customers an electronic signature combining security, comfort and rapidity with our Check' solution.

Our electronic signature solutions tailored to your needs

Check’ is a certified electronic signature solution, combining ergonomics and security. It allows you to electronically sign your documents via different processes adapted to your business and your needs. 

Discover our different levels of electronic signatures and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Signature Numerique (1)

Simple signature

Get your signatories to sign quickly and easily using a smooth and intuitive workflow.

The process is simple, once the documents are sent the signatory is invited to carry out the signature in a few clicks.

Depending on your security needs, support the proof file with SMS OTP authentication of your signatories or by adding additional proofs collected in your paths.

Signature Avancée

Advanced signature

Our identity verification solution,, allows you to reliably identify your signatory during the signature process.

An eIDAS LCP level personal certificate will be issued on the fly based on the verified identity and used for the digital signature.

This approach is based on the full automation of the certificate application process and allows you to comply with article 26 of the eIDAS regulation.

Delegate identity verification in your electronic signature processes

Quickly and easily integrate the various ARIADNEXT remote identity verification solutions into your registration processes with the Check’ Delegated Registration Authority (DRA). 

The DER is an offer for Trusted Service Providers (TSPs) allowing the identification of signatories in an advanced or qualified signature process.

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