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Identity theft and fake signatures: what can be done?

In the banking business and the government sector, document fraud is a very real risk. These frauds involve identity theft and fake signatures. Every day, many people in France fall victim and complain to the police. As well as being troublesome for individuals, these frauds cost businesses and states thousands of euros every year. As handwritten signatures are easy to falsify, it is vital to make effective use of processes that offer greater security, such as electronic signature. An electronically signed document cannot be altered after being signed, unlike a paper document. Our electronic signature software Check’ also allows you to check the identity of your signatories in real time. This information is used to seal your documents, information and data and guarantees their protection by generating a proof envelope.

Is electronic signature legal? What are the regulations on electronic signatures?

Our Check’ electronic signature software is fully legal and secure. In accordance with European Union Regulation No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS), our solution is based on principles of trust and security that fully comply with the regulations and the decree on electronic signatures.

Who can certify an electronic signature?

As an Electronic Certification Service Provider (ECSP) in the meaning of France’s RGS security regulations and the eIDAS regulation, ARIADNEXT has its own infrastructure (PKI) for producing certificates and signatures. With Check’, we offer an advanced, qualified electronic signature based on an identity verified using proof of identity. This approach is based on the complete automation of the certificate request registration process and hosting signature key pairs in centralised encrypted hardware security modules (HSM) in accordance with the new standards of the European Union’s eIDAS regulation.

How can I have an electronic signature certified?

Electronic signature is a digital alternative to a handwritten signature. It has the same legal value while providing a higher level of security. The signatory’s identity is verified before signature and, unlike a paper signature, a signed document cannot be altered once it has been signed. This identity verification step guarantees the signature’s certification by the law and, consequently, its validity and integrity.