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Check’ offers remote signature solutions for the digitisation and security of your business processes.

What is a digital signature?

The digital signature is a technical and legal process that links identified signatories to a document and its approval, such as a handwritten signature.

This process makes it possible to express the consent of the parties to the contract and the obligations arising from it.

It guarantees the integrity of the signed documents (documents with legal value, files, data, etc.) by ensuring that the document has not been intercepted and modified between its signature and its consultation.

It confirms the identity of the signatory and thus provides proof of consent.

Check', electronic signature solutions adapted to your needs

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Can fit with your App and business software

Integrate Check' into your applications or website and automate your contract management process.

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Compliance with eIDAS regulations

Meet the various regulatory requirements of the market and have your documents signed with confidence.

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Responsive and
multi formats

Sign your documents in real time from any device: smartphone, tablet, desktop.

vérification d'identité

Automatic identity verification

Verify the identity of your signatory by automatically analysing their identity document.


Adaptable to your graphic design

Integrate our Check' Web SDK and customise our electronic signature service to your graphic charter.


Simple and secure
for teams

Optimise your staff's time by reducing paperwork and providing an automated and instantaneous response.

Our electronic signatures Check'

The Check' simple electronic signature

The so-called simple electronic signature is the most widely used solution. It corresponds to the first stage of security and legal recognition of the signature of a document. Thanks to its complete and intuitive workflow, the simple signature is quick and easy to integrate and use.

This electronic signature service uses a generic signature certificate to guarantee the integrity of the signed document. The identification of the signatory is done by SMS OTP and can be reinforced by the addition of additional evidence collected by the customer.

Check’ is a certified signature solution based on the alliance of ergonomics and security.

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The Check' advanced electronic signature

The advanced signature solution is a digital signature that must provide higher identification guarantees.

It requires the verification of a signatory’s identity document by our verification services in compliance with eIDAS regulations. This identity verification process provides greater confidence when signing a digital document.

With Check’, we offer you an advanced electronic signature based on an authenticated identity using a verified ID. This approach is based on the complete automation of the certificate application process.

In accordance with the new standards of the European eIDAS regulation, the digital signature is a 100% legal process in France and in Europe.

Integrate our remote signing software



Our eSignature API integrates easily and seamlessly with your applications and business services.

Upload your documents and configure the signature settings, and our services orchestrate the process.

At each stage, evidence is collected and time-stamped, and returned to you in a sealed evidence envelope along with the signed files.



Our electronic signature application can be easily integrated into your processes in iframe or standalone and takes the form of a web page allowing you to sign a document online.

Our Check' Web SDK is fully customisable to your graphic charter and can be fully integrated into your service according to your needs (colours, logo, wording).

Your customers benefit from a dematerialised and simplified electronic signature experience in your image.

Ensure the legal value of your documents in compliance with the eIDAS regulation

The eIDAS regulation aims to increase trust in electronic transactions within the internal market and establish a common basis for secure electronic interactions between citizens, businesses and public authorities. 

Check’’s electronic signature software offers a simple solution that complies with the European eIDAS regulatory requirements and allows you to electronically sign your documents with a server stamp.

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