Sign your real estate
documents electronically

Improve your management processes and increase the efficiency of your real estate transactions. 

The electronic signature for real estate

The electronic signature in the real estate sector will make it possible to remotely sign documents concerning the purchase, sale and rental of real estate… Documents such as the inventory of fixtures, the letter of intent to purchase, the unilateral promise to sell and the signing of leases are then completed in a reduced time frame. 

Your real estate agents gain in efficiency and can spend more time on their clients rather than on administration. This digital solution allows you to automate your business processes digitally for sending, receiving and archiving documents. This way, you avoid wasting time on lost documents, photocopies and more!  

Your customers get a time saving and a certain level of comfort as they no longer have to come to your office and can sign from anywhere with a single click. No more last minute cancelled appointments or last minute delays, with the electronic signature get flexibility and convenience. 


Sales mandate

Sign the mandate as soon as possible and improve the customer experience.

bail locatif

Rental lease

Reduce the time between the parties' agreement and signature.

Mandat De Vente

Reservation contract

Reduce the time spent on the sales process.

mandat de vente

Sales agreement

Make your sale quickly and save time.

Bail Commercial

Commercial lease

Be fast and efficient to improve the customer buying experience.



Shorten the deadlines for obligations as much as possible.

Checknsign By Ariadnext Blanc

Speed up your transactions and finalize your contracts faster by using electronic signatures in real estate.

Sign your real estate transactions online with

Signature Numerique (1)

Simple Signature

Sign your real estate documents digitally in a simplified and accelerated way. Add additional evidence to the electronic signature according to your needs.

Signature Avancée

Advanced signature

Integrate identity verification into your property management process with our solution, allowing you to identify the identity of your signatory at a higher level.

Strengthen the legal value of your real estate documents
by being eIDAS compliant

The eIDAS regulation aims to increase trust in digital transactions within the internal market and establish a common basis for secure electronic interactions between citizens, businesses and public authorities. Check’’s electronic signature software offers a simple solution that complies with the European eIDAS regulatory requirements and allows you to electronically sign your documents with a server stamp.

Régl Eidas

An electronic signature service tailored to your
real estate needs


Automated process

Gain efficiency and speed in your contracts for sending, receiving and archiving real estate documents.

Expérience Utilisateur

Maximised experience

Stop wasting time with paperwork, and allow your real estate agents to maximize their efforts on their clients.

Productivité Et Gestion Des Coûts

Cost reduction

Reduce your internal costs by eliminating the use of paper for all your real estate transactions.

vérification d'identité

eIDAS compliance

Strengthen the security of your contracts with a time-stamped document containing all the evidence of the contract.

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