Sign your commercial contracts electronically

Optimize the performance of your sales teams by simplifying and accelerating the sales process. 

The electronic signature for business

Electronic signatures in business are suitable for both private and public sector players. It allows your sales teams to have more time to focus on their customers and therefore on achieving their objectives. In addition, it allows your customers to sign your contracts from anywhere, at any time and with a single click. This optimizes and accelerates processing times. This digital solution relieves sales staff of all administrative processes. It offers an immediate return on investment by improving the productivity and performance of sales staff.

This solution simplifies the day-to-day management of contracts and sales cycles by offering a modern, efficient and secure contracting experience. Indeed, your customers, service providers or partners can sign commercial contracts remotely and securely in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

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Ensure that the quotation is validated before drawing up the contract.

Docs Rh

Partnership contract

Enter into business partnerships in a flexible way.

signature électronique commerce

Confidentiality agreement

Secure your companies' sensitive information.

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Order form

Save time by signing faster.

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Business contract

Sign your commercial contract as easily as possible.

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Special conditions

Ensure proper acceptance of the terms of the contract.

Checknsign By Ariadnext Blanc

Speed up your sales contracts in the trade by using electronic signatures and save time.

Sign your business documents online with

Signature Numerique (1)

Simple Signature

Digitally sign your business documents quickly and easily. Add additional evidence to the electronic signature according to your needs.

Signature Avancée

Advanced Signature

Integrate identity verification into your business process with our solution, allowing you to identify the identity of your signatory at a higher level.

Strengthen the legal value of your commercial documents by being compliant with the eIDAS regulation

The eIDAS regulation aims to increase trust in digital transactions within the internal market and establish a common basis for secure electronic interactions between citizens, businesses and public authorities. Check’’s electronic signature software offers a simple solution that complies with the European eIDAS regulatory requirements and allows you to electronically sign your documents with a server stamp.

Régl Eidas

An electronic signature service tailored to meet
your business needs


Automated process

Gain efficiency and speed in the reception and conclusion of the commercial contract.

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Don't waste any more time with paper documents and offer your teams optimal efficiency with their customers.

Productivité Et Gestion Des Coûts

Cost reduction

Reduce your costs by eliminating the use of paper, printing, postage and archiving.

vérification d'identité

eIDAS compliance

Increase the security of your sales with a time-stamped document containing proof of the contract.

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