Sign your financial documents and insurance contracts electronically

Optimise the customer experience and boost your sales by opting for electronic signatures in the banking and insurance sector. 

Electronic signature for the banking and insurance sector

In the banking and insurance sector, electronic signatures add value to your service and flexibility to your customers in the face of changing needs and requirements. Customers now want to be able to set up a bank account online with just a few clicks without having to go to a branch.

The digital signature service, which allows contracts to be signed online, simplifies the day-to-day application process for life insurance and financial savings products, loans and insurance contracts. It also improves the customer experience and speeds up customer interactions by responding quickly to their needs rather than dealing with paperwork. In addition, internal document management is improved as lost documents are avoided. In the end, customer relationships are strengthened, conversion rates are improved and contracts are more secure. 

Our Check’ solution offers a smooth and modern contracting experience, compliant with the current eIDAS regulation.


Account openings

Authenticate your signatory remotely and operate faster.

ressources humaines

Insurance policies

Offer your customers modern and simple contracting.


Credit offer

Save your customers' time by signing remotely.

Docs Rh

SEPA mandates

Gain speed and get your customers to sign digitally.


Financial income

Provide a seamless experience when purchasing life insurance...

ressources humaines

Everyday management

Have the authorisations for overdrafts, rates and other documents signed.

Checknsign By Ariadnext Blanc

Optimize your customer experience and gain efficiency and speed for your banking and insurance contracts.

Sign your financial contracts online

Signature Numerique (1)

Simple Signature

Digitally sign your documents quickly and easily. Add additional evidence to reinforce the strength of your signatures, according to your needs. Sign your financial contracts online

Signature Avancée

Advanced signature

Integrate identity verification into your internal process with our solution, allowing you to identify the identity of your signatory at a higher level.

Strengthen the legal value of your documents by being compliant with the eIDAS regulation

The eIDAS regulation aims to increase trust in digital transactions within the internal market and establish a common basis for secure electronic interactions between citizens, businesses and public authorities. Check’’s electronic signature software offers a simple solution that complies with the European eIDAS regulatory requirements and allows you to electronically sign your documents with a server stamp.

Régl Eidas

An electronic signature service adapted to meet the needs of the banking and insurance sector


Effective process

Improve the speed of the underwriting process and allow your advisors to focus on customer needs.

Expérience Utilisateur

Smoother experience

Give your customers a fast and frictionless experience, saving them the hassle of signing.

Productivité Et Gestion Des Coûts

Limit your costs

Reduce your costs by eliminating the use of paper, printing, postage and archiving.

vérification d'identité

eIDAS compliance

Increase the security of your documents with a time stamp containing proof of the contract.

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