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The electronic signature in your activity

The electronic signature adapted to your company and activity needs

Ideally suited to our increasingly nomadic lifestyles, electronic signatures are finding concrete applications in many fields.

Electronic signature is a key element of the move away from paper for documents and processes. It has undeniable benefits: the digital transformation, an easy, fast way to shorten processing times for applications and decision-making, eliminating the time and cost of mail processing associated with enveloping and franking. Check’ offers a trusted, secure online solution that complies with the European Union’s eIDAS regulation on signed documents, guaranteeing the signatory’s identity while protecting the document’s data and integrity.

So much more flexible than manual signature on paper, the electronic signature adapts to your needs. Trusted by all kinds of businesses :








The advantages of digital signatures

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Time saving


Better user experience

Check’, electronic signature software for your field of activity

Fully customizable, it saves your time and therefore money !

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Human ressources

Our solution offers maximum flexibility and easy use with electronic signatures for employment contracts, amendments, annual appraisal interviews, etc. No need to track down your employees internally, the process is done online. The document is sent by email to the signatory, he authenticates himself, the signed document is then sent and received by email in PDF format!

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Real estate

Orders, inventories, leases, AGM minutes – document signing applications in the real estate world are plentiful! Save time and reduce the processing costs of physical signatures between document printing and resource mobilization, through a 100% digital and automated process. Online signing also means offering a much more fluid experience to your customer.

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Banking and insurance

Fully legally binding, electronic signatures enable any banking, fintech or insurance business to create and add signatures to contracts, payment orders and transfer requests. In accordance with new regulations on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS), our solution is based on principles of trust and security that comply fully with the regulations and the decree on electronic signatures.

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Accepting quotes and terms and conditions, signing contracts and order forms… Easy to roll out, the autonomous, affordable digital signature solution. Check' simplifies everyday administration and offers very fast return on investment.

And that's not all! Electronic signature is equally suited to organisations in both the private and the public sector, enabling you to sign documents online in PDF format, remotely and completely securely, anywhere and at any time.

Sign documents or send them for online signature, wherever you are

Sign a contract yourself, obtain a face-to-face signature, or send a contract to a customer remotely, Check' offers a range of possibilities that are bound to fit your needs!

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Our products in action – concrete use cases of our solutions

SFR, the potential of Check' in sales outlets, every day

1.The need

After six years of experience with our S<CUBE technologies, SFR wanted to extend the use of our services, using tablets to eliminate paper from all the transactions carried out in stores.

2.Our solution

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Using Check’ to electronically sign documents produced in sales outlets.


80% saving on front and back-office processing costs

Discover how Check’ can help your organisation !